Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Emotional Oscar

About a year ago I had wanted to set up an aquarium because they are very beautiful and there are many types of fish you can keep. I ended up buying a 30 gallon aquarium that had everything I needed for under $100!

It’s about three feet long and about two feet high with a nice wooden frame, the glass was clear with no scratches and it had light and dark brown gravel at the bottom. Also it had a built-in light in the hood that fit perfectly at the top.

After I let it set up for about three days I went out in search of fish I would enjoy having. I ended up at a loco pet store and they had baby Oscar fish for sale. There were tiger Oscars, albino Oscars and red Oscars but the one that caught my eye had an R shaped strip at the end of his tail. He was the most lively and aggressive one in the tank so I picked him and named him Pharaoh because he is the boss.

Now he is about 9” long, and can grow to be anywhere from a 12” to 16” long. Pharaoh is full of personality and emotions, you can’t tell me now fish don’t have feeling because, boy, I was proved wrong. When I clean his cage and move his things around he become very angry and will try and splash water in my face if I’m not careful. He is so very smart as well I have taught him to eat out of my hand and jump out of the water and also likes to be petted once in a while.

All in all I’m glad I had picked him for a fish because I think I would be very bored if I had just a plain goldfish. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wild Alaska

Alaska is a place I would love to visit one day because it’s thee most beautiful place on earth, well for me at least. It’s been my dream as a child that I would walk across the warm grass filled fields where the caribou graze and the swift fox hunts.

I would love to hike through the White Mountains of Alaska with the blue hazed skies and the snow covered peaks. The mighty pines stand strong at the foot of the mountains with the hungry grizzly bear grading the bright green pine forest.

Ahhh, the days I long to be there in person to smell the fresh pint scented air and breath in the fresh crisp, not as polluted, air like we have back here (which is still better than China’s air). The birds of the air are quite a sight to see as they fly from east to west in search of food and a place to nest.

The next thing on my list would be fishing in the clear drinkable streams and rivers that come forth from the great mountain ranges; catching the spring fed salmon and the time sensitive trout. With rock filled banks all around me as I would stand in the middle of the rough river, fly fishing away hoping to catch that big one!

However there is a slight downfall to this magnificent place which is the blistering cold winter with a non-ending darkness that overcomes the landscape for months at a time but not all is lost. The winter brings forth new beginnings and ends old endings. Polar bear cubs are born and the old and weak are terminated.

The wolves come alive in the moonlit nights and hunt down the weak and the sick using their skilled hunting techniques. Dashing through the forest onto the snow covered fields to stalk and kill there pray. That would be a magical sight to see one day. Someday my dreams will come true, until then I work hard so that I may enjoy my trip to wild Alaska.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The many Faces of an Intellectual Beggar

When I think of an intellectual beggar it brings to mind a very devious cunning person, or simply a door to door salesman. If you think about it there whole sales pitch sound like they are begging you to buy their product. Some however are good at not sounding like they are begging, but in reality they just use large words just to confuse you, then that’s where you fall and become their pray.

Other than just a salesman, also an intellectual beggar can be perceived as someone who seeks and wants to learn and seek out knowledge begging for what they need to get a better education. For instance a person who wants to get a better job goes to college and seeks higher education he learns that college life is hard and takes a beating on him. He learns to beg parents for money and teachers for extra time and help on assignments.

During hard times you have to do hard things but everyone at some point learns to beg wither it’s for food or just to get your way. It’s been imbedded since we were born. We start learning how to beg our mother for food as babies, as kids for toys and teens for the car to drive. It’s a natural habit that cannot be erased or broken.

In conclusion it really depends on how you preserve to define an “intellectual beggar” because you never know how many variations you can come across. It can be anything from a sales pitch to your very survival in this world.