Friday, May 13, 2011

Choice:The Change on Textbooks

Within the time period we are in now, things that use to be complex and hard to mange are not being brought to use in a different formant and look. Things such as cars, music, and communication have evolved into bigger and better ways of use. For example, instead of having big desk tops computers that could never be portable, we now have laptops that come in all different shapes and sizes and colors to individualize it. You can take your work to a library or your local McDonald’s instead of staying at home to use a computer. So many things have evolved into new forms that are more practical for the world today. Something, which is very useful that has evolved into more of a particle form, is having a plug to connect your iPod in to the stereo in a car. This is so much more efficient then just having a regular CD player or even a cassette player, since no one really uses CD’s anymore because of iTunes this is very useful to listen to music in the card, and takes up less space and is more organized in the car.
            Applying this technique of evolving into a more modern state by using E-reader machines such as the Sony Portable Reader and the Amazon Kindle instead of textbooks would be a very interesting thing to consider.  This seems like a good investment and would save a lot of money and energy. Having a system like this would also cut down on the usage of paper, which everyone is trying to save. Cutting down on paper would be one of bigger benefits to this investment. Having a Sony Portable Reader or a Amazon Kindle replacing a textbook would also save money for both the schools and students. Yet, it would ruin the whole system for all the publishers that make these textbooks. In the long run it would put a lot of people out of business, which would be horrible to our already bad economy. The last thing we need to do is take jobs from people. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of Semester

Over these pass 16 weeks I’ve learned more than money could buy, more than I could ask for. Even though I didn’t do so well in many of my classes I still retained much of the information. I often catch myself using the terminology and detailed explanations when helping others start their gardens or even how to start managing their land. However book knowledge is not all I have learned, life lessons and experience are another thing you learn. Even if it’s something simple as not putting a desk in front of a class room door because, A. Fire hazard and B. Someone could get hurt. However you want to look at it you could be kicked out of school for that if you piss off the wrong teacher!
     Then there is my English teacher who, if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have stayed in collage this long. Had her for both semesters and any time I would have a problem or any doubt in my work she would take the time out of her very busy schedule and work with me and give me good constructive feedback, unlike a lot of my teachers that would just tell me to figure it out myself or make it even more complicated. This year she taught everyone a valuable lesson in the “Bystander Effect” which is when someone is doing wrong and no one does anything about it thinking it’s not there responsibility (should get like dub points for remembering that).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why New York makes me want to scream

 There are tones of reasons why New York makes me want to scream. For starters they have a ridiculous tax rate on cigarettes; I mean $10-$12 a pack. That’s robbery making it addictive then taxing the crap out of it knowing people can go crazy without their cigarettes. Another thing to point out is if you get over 6 points on your license you get fined for $300 you can pay it in $100 yearly increments or all at once. If you get a ticket within that time you have to pay $75 for every point you got for the next 3 years.
To me that seem like a lot of bull crap and just scream “I’m broke”.  However I’m just getting started here. Recently I read in the news paper that New York State was trying to have us register our petal bikes like we would a car. Now that right there is just stupid and ridiculous thankfully it never got passed as a law. The big talk now though is the gas prices; they are over $4 per gallon. I know that it’s not all of NYS but we just have high out the butt tax rate.
I was not a fan of the last govern of New York I would of rather kept the one who bought all the hookers he at least knew how to spend his money (hahaha). But slowly and surly we are heading into majo backrupcy if the government doen’t get there head out of there ass and start cutting costs where we DON’T need it not where we need it.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sad Cat

       There once was a sad cat names Mr. Pixy. He spent his days lying on the couch eating catnip puffs, drinking milk from the milk carton while watching Tom and Jerry. He was a big lazy cat, with short orange and white hairs that glisten in the sun. He had long white whiskers that stuck out of his cheeks and around his eyes.
   Mr. Pixy’s owner Jane McFarland never really spends any quality time nor lets him outside to get any exercise. She’s usually to busy with school or work then when she has any alone time its spent locked in her room. Even when Pixy meows and purrs for affection she ignores or yells at him. As Mr. Pixy becomes distraught he leans to food for comfort.
     But along came a mouse by the name of Chi Chi, he traveled from Mexico in search of gold so he can live rich in cheese. Chi Chi starving from the lack of food and money sees the now fat sad cat eating the nip balls watching TV. He enters through a crack in the window and introduces himself to the cat, but scared the jeebers out of him. In delight Mr. Pixy see a chance is having a friend and someone to play with.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Invention:The Cell phone

Cell phones are one of the greatest inventions in this century, but also the most dangerous (next to the internet). Cellular phones have evolved from a paper weight with a large antenna, to small pocket size mini computers. You can do just about anything from your phone, for instance you can check your Facebook while you’re talking to someone and you can even pay your bills from your online back account all at the same time!
     They have even gotten faster and get reception in a lot more places that electricity can’t even be reached. However they can be very dangerous, you can be easily tracked down and tapped. Or with the texting that come along you can say something that could be held agents you later in life because of the locking feature on the phone.
     But despite the dangers they can make your life so much easier. I personally use my phone for an alarm clock, watch, and computer even sometimes for school. I remember growing up and no kid had a cell phone, you were lucky to even have a computer. But when I got my first one it was the most amazing thing I could do so much one it (even though they were nothing like that are today) they had simple features that made life a little easier. Like having an alarm clock that goes off and you don’t have to worry if your alarm will get unplugged. The calculator was my favorite because it made math faster and easier. But there are always downsides to ever good thing.
     Texting has taken over real life interactions even if people are only 2 feet away. I just feel there is no reason to do some things over texting like brake ups, job terminations, and fights/arguments. These acts should be done in person not through a device because you’re scared to face the facts. This is the true danger in society everyone is becoming a faceless drone that can’t think or act for themselves, without a device that is meant to help manage your life not become your life.