Friday, April 29, 2011

(Choice) My Tattoo

     I’ve been debating for long time weather I want a sleeve tattoo or not. Some people have said that I could pull off one and others say I would regret it and I would look ugly and what not. But I try and not listen to other people who put personal choice before a logical question.
My concern is what type of theme I would want for my sleeve. I was thinking about an aquarium scean with an Oscar, 2 different species of rainbow fish, bloody parrot fish, and a golden wonder killie fish. I want it wrapping up my arm with water and waves crashing around them. But then I had another idea of a tribal theme that took up my whole upper arm and making a half sleeve.
I found finding the perfect, one of a kind tattoo is a long and hard posse but is rewarding in the end, knowing you have this tattoo for a reason and it’s not something you just randomly got because you liked it. Those are the people who regret getting tattoos are those who don’t wait or put any though into that tattoo.
My first tattoo was done on a wim but it came out really nice and I enjoy it still to this day. It’s a red rose with green petals and a tribal theme around it. I had it placed on the top of my foot and it flows beautifully. 

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