Thursday, May 5, 2011

Invention:The Cell phone

Cell phones are one of the greatest inventions in this century, but also the most dangerous (next to the internet). Cellular phones have evolved from a paper weight with a large antenna, to small pocket size mini computers. You can do just about anything from your phone, for instance you can check your Facebook while you’re talking to someone and you can even pay your bills from your online back account all at the same time!
     They have even gotten faster and get reception in a lot more places that electricity can’t even be reached. However they can be very dangerous, you can be easily tracked down and tapped. Or with the texting that come along you can say something that could be held agents you later in life because of the locking feature on the phone.
     But despite the dangers they can make your life so much easier. I personally use my phone for an alarm clock, watch, and computer even sometimes for school. I remember growing up and no kid had a cell phone, you were lucky to even have a computer. But when I got my first one it was the most amazing thing I could do so much one it (even though they were nothing like that are today) they had simple features that made life a little easier. Like having an alarm clock that goes off and you don’t have to worry if your alarm will get unplugged. The calculator was my favorite because it made math faster and easier. But there are always downsides to ever good thing.
     Texting has taken over real life interactions even if people are only 2 feet away. I just feel there is no reason to do some things over texting like brake ups, job terminations, and fights/arguments. These acts should be done in person not through a device because you’re scared to face the facts. This is the true danger in society everyone is becoming a faceless drone that can’t think or act for themselves, without a device that is meant to help manage your life not become your life.

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