Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why New York makes me want to scream

 There are tones of reasons why New York makes me want to scream. For starters they have a ridiculous tax rate on cigarettes; I mean $10-$12 a pack. That’s robbery making it addictive then taxing the crap out of it knowing people can go crazy without their cigarettes. Another thing to point out is if you get over 6 points on your license you get fined for $300 you can pay it in $100 yearly increments or all at once. If you get a ticket within that time you have to pay $75 for every point you got for the next 3 years.
To me that seem like a lot of bull crap and just scream “I’m broke”.  However I’m just getting started here. Recently I read in the news paper that New York State was trying to have us register our petal bikes like we would a car. Now that right there is just stupid and ridiculous thankfully it never got passed as a law. The big talk now though is the gas prices; they are over $4 per gallon. I know that it’s not all of NYS but we just have high out the butt tax rate.
I was not a fan of the last govern of New York I would of rather kept the one who bought all the hookers he at least knew how to spend his money (hahaha). But slowly and surly we are heading into majo backrupcy if the government doen’t get there head out of there ass and start cutting costs where we DON’T need it not where we need it.  

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