Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sad Cat

       There once was a sad cat names Mr. Pixy. He spent his days lying on the couch eating catnip puffs, drinking milk from the milk carton while watching Tom and Jerry. He was a big lazy cat, with short orange and white hairs that glisten in the sun. He had long white whiskers that stuck out of his cheeks and around his eyes.
   Mr. Pixy’s owner Jane McFarland never really spends any quality time nor lets him outside to get any exercise. She’s usually to busy with school or work then when she has any alone time its spent locked in her room. Even when Pixy meows and purrs for affection she ignores or yells at him. As Mr. Pixy becomes distraught he leans to food for comfort.
     But along came a mouse by the name of Chi Chi, he traveled from Mexico in search of gold so he can live rich in cheese. Chi Chi starving from the lack of food and money sees the now fat sad cat eating the nip balls watching TV. He enters through a crack in the window and introduces himself to the cat, but scared the jeebers out of him. In delight Mr. Pixy see a chance is having a friend and someone to play with.

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