Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of Semester

Over these pass 16 weeks I’ve learned more than money could buy, more than I could ask for. Even though I didn’t do so well in many of my classes I still retained much of the information. I often catch myself using the terminology and detailed explanations when helping others start their gardens or even how to start managing their land. However book knowledge is not all I have learned, life lessons and experience are another thing you learn. Even if it’s something simple as not putting a desk in front of a class room door because, A. Fire hazard and B. Someone could get hurt. However you want to look at it you could be kicked out of school for that if you piss off the wrong teacher!
     Then there is my English teacher who, if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have stayed in collage this long. Had her for both semesters and any time I would have a problem or any doubt in my work she would take the time out of her very busy schedule and work with me and give me good constructive feedback, unlike a lot of my teachers that would just tell me to figure it out myself or make it even more complicated. This year she taught everyone a valuable lesson in the “Bystander Effect” which is when someone is doing wrong and no one does anything about it thinking it’s not there responsibility (should get like dub points for remembering that).

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