Friday, May 13, 2011

Choice:The Change on Textbooks

Within the time period we are in now, things that use to be complex and hard to mange are not being brought to use in a different formant and look. Things such as cars, music, and communication have evolved into bigger and better ways of use. For example, instead of having big desk tops computers that could never be portable, we now have laptops that come in all different shapes and sizes and colors to individualize it. You can take your work to a library or your local McDonald’s instead of staying at home to use a computer. So many things have evolved into new forms that are more practical for the world today. Something, which is very useful that has evolved into more of a particle form, is having a plug to connect your iPod in to the stereo in a car. This is so much more efficient then just having a regular CD player or even a cassette player, since no one really uses CD’s anymore because of iTunes this is very useful to listen to music in the card, and takes up less space and is more organized in the car.
            Applying this technique of evolving into a more modern state by using E-reader machines such as the Sony Portable Reader and the Amazon Kindle instead of textbooks would be a very interesting thing to consider.  This seems like a good investment and would save a lot of money and energy. Having a system like this would also cut down on the usage of paper, which everyone is trying to save. Cutting down on paper would be one of bigger benefits to this investment. Having a Sony Portable Reader or a Amazon Kindle replacing a textbook would also save money for both the schools and students. Yet, it would ruin the whole system for all the publishers that make these textbooks. In the long run it would put a lot of people out of business, which would be horrible to our already bad economy. The last thing we need to do is take jobs from people. 

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